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 Mental and Physical Balance

Be the BEST you can be!

Personal trainers Larry and Christy Stone 
would like to invite you to try a FREE personal
training session, they specifically listen to your
needs and what you would like to achieve for
your fitness goals, then they tailor your personal
training sessions to achieve your fitness goals the
fastest and easiest way. They tailor your diet and
nutritional programs to the individual. They keep
a fun and enjoyable tone to every training session. 
Your personal trainer will make sure you always
walk away from your workouts with MORE energy
than when you came in. They Guarantee It! 

 This Man, is Truly Amazing. His name is Ken and you

wouldn't know it, to look at him, but, he is 99 years young.

He just started his in home training program with Body by

Stone, 2 weeks ago, and he's doing "Great!" Before training

Ken, our oldest Clients have been in there late 80's & have

made tremendous progress. He is now our oldest client, we

have ever trained, & he is looking forward to being stronger &

more flexible with our training. And, it won't be long, he has

great potential!



 Follow up: Ken is now 100 years of age, & still going strong

with his in home personal fitness training program. He has

doubled all the weights he was using and has made tremendous

progress with his flexibility and strength, and is one of the most

positive individuals,  I  have ever had the pleasure of training. 


We love that they offered In Home Personal Training.

Our Trainer made it so much fun, it didn't even feel like

we were working out. Can't wait til our next workout.


Hal & Marge
Working out there Biceps for the first time.

George is pretty proud of his Bicep, as, he should
be, after, only working out for a month now. Great
Job George!

Say Hello to George

Nobody pumps me up like the Stones!

Robby has been with BodybyStone for 1 year.

We have always wanted to train together. Larry

& Christy worked out their schedules so we could.

We really enjoy training with them. 

Brooke and Bobby

   Personal Training for Men and Women of all ages


~  In Home Personal Training, Personal Training at our

    Private Fitness Studio or In Your Office. 


~  Individual consultations on body-fat reduction plans

    and Eatting regiments.


~  Weight Training Programs on how to Tone,

     Firm & Sculpt your body to your satisfaction. 


~  Strength and Endurance Training for Improved

     Athletic Performance.


~   Learn how to Relieve pain in your body with simple

     Stretching techniques. 



      Contact us at: BodybyStone@gmail.com

      Lake Wales, Florida or Winter Haven, Florida


We accept Cash, Check or Credit card 




Larry and Christy have been Personal Trainers

for over 20 years and they pride themselves

on providing their clients with the highest

quality of service in personal training today. 

They offer in home training, training in your

office (in Lake Wales or Winter Haven) or you

may come to their studio, on their ranch (in

Lake Wales), They also offer, On Line Personal

Training or Personal Training by Text.

Whatever is convenient for you. They always

try to accommodate you with the days and

times working the best with your schedule. 

They offer one on one personal training or you

can invite one or 2 friends, to be trained with you. 

They offer discounts for anyone that trains with a

family member or friend (friends). Most of their

clientele usually just want to tone up and lose body

fat. They also offer strength training programs,

Bodybuilding programs, Stretching and Diet/

Nutritional programs. Their clientele has consisted

of thousands of people in demanding careers,

from Firefighters, Police officers, Doctors, Lawyers,

Mothers, Professional Models, Actors, Servers,

Managers, Restaurant owners, Truck drivers,

School Age and Senior Athletes, Professional

Golfers, Professional Football Players, Real-estate

Brokers, Beauty Queens, Preachers, Personal

Trainers, Exercise Physiogists, College Professors,

Professional Dancers & Gymnasts, just to name a few.

         To Watch Larry Stone, Former Mr. U.S.A., 
         (One of the owners of Body by Stone) in
         Action, before a Bodybuilding Competition,
         open the link below

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