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Here's some testimonials from some of our clients....

 I've worked out with 2 other trainers & thought I was getting in good shape.

It wasn't until I trained with Christy Stone that my results were faster &

noticed a big difference in my body definition. I looked and felt better in a

shorter period of time. After speaking on the phone with Christy, I learned

that both Christy and her husband Larry have over 20 years of bodybuilding

experience behind them. In short, I am 61 now and I have been training with

Christy for 10 years & she's the best! Kathy, Orlando, Fl.



Twenty some years ago. At age 51, I found myself at 184 lbs. I needed help. I talked to
Christy Stone. She and her husband Larry have a Personalized training service. Christy
said she could get me back in shape and she did just that. After 3 months of working with
weights and following their healthy eating plan, I lost 56 lbs. I was a totally new person.
Then I hit the road with my husband in an RV and my eating habits were out of control.
Needless to say I'm back with Christy and Larry at 71 years old because I know I will get
results. You can too. Christy is very pleasent to be around, firm and knowledgeable. She
guides your every move. You can't be in better hands. Shirley M., Orlando, Fl.




My career expanded over 25 years in emergency services to include Law Enforcement and the

Fire Dept. My physically demanding career required strength and endurance which I found by

utilizing Larry and Christy Stone as personal trainers. I have since retired from being a Fire Fighter 

and thought I didn't need physical training anymore.  I was wrong!  Recently I had a massage, and

was asked, if I had been involved in an accident or become ill, because my muscles had atrephed so

much, from not training with Larry & Christy. I was mortified and notified Christy, right away, in order

to get back on the personal training regimen they offered. I'm in my mid 50's, & they have me back in

great shape & recently my husband noticed, & felt my arm & stated "Wow, you're buff." Barb, Orlando, Fl.



I have trained with Christy and Larry for 4 years now and plan on staying with them as long as I

can. They both are very positive and knowledgable people in their field, and I have never meet

anyone like them. I'm in my late 40's and I feel better, look better and am stonger than I've ever

been. I always look forward to working out, they make my day.  John, Orlando, Fl.





I am a School teacher. My picture came out in the newspaper, and I couldn't believe what I saw.

I knew I had to do something. I spoke to Christy Stone and told her I have tried everything, diets

and other personal trainers, but could not get the weight off. She told me she could help me. I told

her I had a dead line, my 20 year class reunion was coming up and I wanted to be ready for it and 

I was, just look at my before and after pictures. My whole family noticed my results, my father, sister,

and husband all started training with her too.  Diane, Orlando, Fl.




I was thin and needed to build up. I didn't know anything about lifting weights,

so, I hired Larry and Christy Stone and within 4 months I was stronger and more

muscular than I had ever been in my life. John, Orlando, Fl. 




I couldn't believe how out of shape I had become. I imediately started calling

around for Personal trainers. A friend of mine recommended Body by Stone

Personal Training to me, so, I called to see what they were all about. They

formulated a weight training and nutritional program for me and I was on my

way. Within 4 months, I had made considererable progress. I was very happy

with my results. John P. Orlando, Fl.

John P. Before and After


I'm 42 years old. After, not getting results from the personal trainer I had been 

training with for a year, I researched and went to different gyms, asking if anyone

knew of good personal trainers. Christy and Larry Stone's names kept coming up.

I had just happen to see Christy in the grocery store and tryed to catch her, to ask

about her training me, but, I couldn't catch her, she walks too fast. So, I googled

Body by Stone and made an appointment with her. I not only, got in great shape,

but, got loads of confidence too and had fun doing it. I feel Fantastic!  Maryann N.

Orl., fl.  

Maryann Transformation Results